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Fear of Holes

Pareesh Phulkar Apr 23, 2019
Are you having a fear of holes that is making your life miserable? Let us go through the following information and understand what is trypophobia.
Have you ever become anxious when you saw a pot, a hole dug on the road? Or even got nervous when one brings a piece of cheese full of holes in front of you? If yes, then you may be suffering from trypophobia. This is a strange fear of holes that grips the minds of many normal people.
One fears they may fall into a never-ending dark hole and keep falling for eternity. For some, fear of holes fills their mind with void and darkness. Let us go through a few details about this strange phobia, called the fear of holes.

Fear of Holes and Clusters

Fear of holes and clusters is a phobia that affects quite a few people. Apart from holes, people tend to get scared of things in clusters. This may include spider eggs, or the middle part of a sunflower. For some people, circles grouped together may cause them to become hysterical. This unexplainable fear of holes and clusters is known as trypophobia.
There are different types of fear of holes. Let us see which are the different things that incite fear and hysteria in minds of people. Take a look at the top 10 most common phobias by going through this link.
Some people are scared or have a fear of holes that are created in naturally occurring objects, like a stone, rock or even ground. The ocean water or the wind, may erode a rock over the years, making stranger holes on the surface of the large rock. This geological hole can cause fear in minds for some.
A few people are scared of potpourri that you use as room fresheners. These dried seeds in the potpourri tends to cause fear of holes and clusters in some. Even having a look at pictures consisting of holes or objects in clusters tend to be nauseating for some.
Next, comes the thought of worms, maggots or other insects digging into the fruits or other stuff. This tends to make certain people really nervous. What sends shivers down most spines is fear of holes in the tissues of humans and animals. Just the thought of seeing a pockmark on someone's skin or a hole, due to a puncture, would sound scary for some.
Even worse, the thought of worms burrowing through their skin, makes one faint with fear. Foods such as cheese, honey comb, meat holes, etc. are thought to be really revolting. You can go through list of all phobias and meanings by clicking on this link.

Causes of Fear of Holes

There are no known causes for fear of holes. One may not be directly scared of holes, but have a psychological aspect to it. One may be scared of snakes or scorpions, who lurk behind dark holes. Fear of these animals may make one develop a fear of holes. Witnessing traumatic events such as a stranger or loved one falling down a hole can trigger this phobia.
This event may have left a mark on the subconscious mind, causing one to develop a fear of holes. Sometimes fear of another object, event or person may get transferred and be exhibited as a fear of holes and clusters. A few people are just genetically programmed to get anxious, hence may easily develop a fear of holes.
One needs to seek therapy and counseling to overcome their fear of holes and clusters. One should help themselves understand, that a hole is just an object that is not harmful. It is also essential to build confidence in oneself to get rid of this phobia. Hope you have found enough information related to trypophobia.