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A General Overview of the ENTJ Personality Type

A General Overview of the ENTJ Personality Type

If you haven't taken the MBTI analysis yet, then this is the right time for you to take one. Many of you might probably be ENTJs. Sounding all Greek and Latin to you, right? Sit back and set course on to the next part of this adventure, as we tell you all that you should know about the ENTJ personality type.
Tanaya Navalkar
Did You Know?
According to David Keirsey who developed the Keirsey Temperament  Sorter, ENTJs are known as Fieldmarshals. It is one of the four types belonging to the temperament Rationals.
The MBTI assessment was developed by Isabel Myers and her mother, Katherine Briggs. It is based on the theory of Carl Jung about personality types. Each of us have a type and behavior. Have you ever analyzed your behavior and qualities? Each letter in the personality type ENTJ represents a way of thinking or behavior. Let us take a look at this personality type in detail.

ENTJs are often called the Pioneer or Crusaders. They are the rarest of the types and comprise about 2 - 5% males and 1 - 3% females of the world population.
ENTJ Personality Traits
E - Extraversion (Dominant, Outgoing, Energetic, Communicative)
N - iNtuition (Innovative, Forward-thinking, Bold, Visionary)
T - Thinking (Rational, Blunt, Analytical)
J - Judgment (Ambitious, Organized, Decisive, Determined)

ENTJs are extroverts. People of this personality type love spending time and interacting with other people. It keeps them energized and motivated. They are social animals. They are self-driven personalities and take charge of anything very easily as it comes naturally to them.

ENTJs are strong-headed and born leaders. They are far-sighted people, and focus on bigger things and goals rather than small details. They enjoy making long-term goals and planning. They are more abstract than concrete.

They place more emphasis on objective and logic than social norms and feelings of others. They deal with things rationally and logically.

They are decisive and planners. They make their decisions and plan ahead of time, which gives them a sense of control. They notice the flaws quickly, and are good at drawing better solutions to it.
ENTJ Strengths
ENTJs like to maintain efficiency in their work. They think of inefficiency as something that leads to irrationality and laziness, as it deviates their attention and energy from future goals.

These personalities enjoy leading people and their teams forward genuinely, thanks to their far-sighted vision and long-term plans.

They trust themselves and their abilities. They make their own opinions and rules, and believe in their capabilities.

They just don't give up when the going gets really tough. They love challenges―small or big. They get a high in the satisfaction of rising up to the challenge of each and every obstacle to reach the end point.

Strategic and Critical Thinkers
They analyze and examine every single detail of a problem, and love sorting out the issue along with taking the plan forward.

Inspiring and Charismatic
They inspire and invigorate other people who also want to be leaders like them. These qualities help in making what an ENTJ is known for―the Leaders, the Commanders, the Crusaders. In turn, this helps them achieve their goals and long-term plans.
ENTJ Weaknesses
Their willpower and ambitious nature can go too far sometimes, as they try to win every single argument or debate pushing down others' opinions and views.

Opinionated and Stubborn
They like to believe that they are always right. They do not go according to the feelings or emotions of others when it comes to taking a decision.

Intolerant and Impatient
They go with the saying, "It's my way or the highway." They do not support ideas that might distract them from their goals. They like quick-thinking and decisive people, and do not like if things get delayed.

Arrogant and Blunt
They come out as blunt to other people because of their impatient nature. They won't shy away from pointing out the mistake or what could have been done better.

They are one of the most argumentative types. Because of their stubborn and opinionated nature, they just cannot digest the fact even if they are wrong.
Suitable Career Choices
ENTJs take their work and life very seriously. They are born leaders. They like careers where there is plenty of growth and variety. They like jobs that will allow them to meet and interact with different kinds of people. For them, the word failure does not exist. They want to achieve a position high enough from where the horizon can be seen. The best suited careers for them would be:
  • Lawyer
  • Military Leaders
  • Company CEO or Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Attorney
  • Entrepreneur
  • Software or Chemical Engineer
  • Business Analyst
ENTJs in Relationships
As Lovers

• ENTJs make aggressive and enthusiastic partners, and take their relationships very seriously.
• They are natural and creative leaders who will always have something new on their minds.
• They like relationships where they can grow and learn constantly. If they think they are not growing or learning in a relationship, they will leave and not look back.
• However, they put in a lot of effort in their relationships.
• Sensing or understanding others or, for a matter of fact, the partner's feelings does not come to them naturally. They just don't have this skill, but they certainly do try and develop it.
• However, if they won't work on it, they might end up dominating or ruling over their mates, which would put their relationship on the rocks.
• The most suitable pairing for ENTJs based on compatibility would be INFP or INTP.

As Parents

• They are responsible parents and take their role quite seriously.
• Passing on their goals and values to their children is an objective for them. They continuously promote learning new skills and knowledge.
• They come out as strict parents, and have high expectations of their children.
• It might happen that children might start rebelling, especially if they are strict and controlling.
• They should loosen up a bit with their children while they are growing up.

As Friends

• ENTJs are energetic and sociable people who love and enjoy the company of other people.
• They have no patience with people who have very different perspectives and lifestyles.
• They admire people who have a powerful presence.
• Their close friends are other intuitive people.
Some Famous ENTJs
  • Bill Clinton
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Bill Gates
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • James F. Kennedy
  • Julius Caeser
  • Jack Welch
  • George Clooney
  • Charlize Theron
  • Katherine Hepburn
  • Adele
  • David Letterman
  • Matt Damon
  • Al Gore
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Steve Jobs
Well, you must be feeling creepy as to how we know so much about you! No, we did not spy on you! Some of you might not identify with some views here, while others might identify with them completely. ENTJs need to work more on their weaknesses and develop more skills. However big an obstacle might be, they will find a way out, or make one! Study yourself. Get to know yourself better than anyone else.
Note: Please bear in mind that these are general traits of an ENTJ. These cannot rule your life. They are just to help you search your answers and analyze yourself.