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Effects of Bullying

Scholasticus K Jun 18, 2019
There are many negative effects of bullying seen worldwide, by teachers, parents and counselors. Bullying is age-old, but today there are a good number of psychologists who have proved it has many negative effects and should stop.
Bullying is very common all over the world. The two widely observed classifications of bullying can be, bullying in children and work place bullying. The term bullying can be verbal, physical or a demonstration of power, implying negative consequences. Any type of bullying, is unhealthy and also destroys the constitution and principles of the victim.

Effects of Bullying on Children

The impact of bullying on kids can turn unpleasant, as most children cannot deal with this on their own. If you ask any psychologist about physical signs of bullying, the description that would be put before you is bound to be the same.
A victim of bullying is socially withdrawn and is a loner. If you glance at the playground during a recess, then the victims of bullying are usually spotted in the corners. They refuse to participate in anything that makes them come into contact with a large number of people.
If the victim is a high school student then he or she will engage in something that is silent such as reading, sketching or writing. The victims will act like chameleons and will try anything possible, so as not to get noticed. Often psychologists attribute this to a loss of confidence and loss of self-esteem.
There are negative effects as the victim becomes socially withdrawn, and tends to be in constant fear and stress. The stress is due to the fright of being hurt and insulted time and again in front of people. As victims are socially withdrawn their soft skills are not sharp, and the grades often begin to drop.
Victims can be divided into the ones who adopt internalization. These become socially withdrawn and loathe any kind of human contact. The second ones depict almost the same symptoms but there is a wild side to the ones who adopt externalization.
These victims adopt violence and aim at destroying bullies and their reputation. Often such victims are successful in adopting violence, but it makes the cycle even bitter, as the action always invites back a reaction. Aggression is good in some cases, however an aggressive victim is often beaten up again by the alpha bully.
Psychologists term the aggressive victims as 'rebels' and the silent ones as 'constructive'. Either way, long term impact of bullying tends to hamper the lives of many victims, if proper measures are not taken. At home, some common symptoms of bullying are observed.
Bed wetting, loss of self-control and a lack of communication with the parents is observed. A common symptom is that the child refuses to attend school. When he comes back, a common sign is silence.

Effects of Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying is observed and experienced by many people. The first effect is, victim hates work. This is usually observed when victim is publicly insulted. The second bullying is unwanted threat by a superior.
The usual reaction of victim is acceptance of the situation, where the stress goes on building up, and the victim enters an unpleasant era of frustration. In such situations the victim will notice that, he or she is not only being unhappy but is suffering from deteriorating health and frustration.
Workplace harassment causes some problems in one's social life too. Constant bullying and harassment will result in loss of patience, in personal and professional life. To some extent, it will also affect the victim's self-esteem and overall confidence. There is a probability of loss of concentration, and overall productiveness is bound to be hampered.
The victims personal life is at times ruined as a result of the bullying, and often marriages fail. Workplace bullying often, unknowingly, result into some serious problems that can affect society at large.
Though it may seem normal to many, bullying can have some really ugly and long term consequences. If you feel that any of the symptoms of bullying are being observed, then it is time to act, really fast.