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How Different Mentalities Can Affect Your Characteristics

Claudia Miclaus Jan 2, 2019
Although we live in the same time frame so to speak, as far as our mentalities are seen, they can be very different.
Here is a description of three types of people who can be found in our present-day society; an honest attempt at understanding three completely different mentalities.
These three categories are: ambitious people, who usually live in the city and strive to make their own luck; then there are the so-called "ready money" people; then there are people who live in the countryside, and who are in a way outside the temporal dimension.
Ambitious people are men or women with medium to high education and medium venues. They spend most of their lives looking for new challenges and experiments. Often driven by self-motivation, they are known for planning and setting specific goals. They are usually independent and active people, struggling for a better position in society.
They persevere to reach their goals and strive for recognition. They are constantly hunting for new career opportunities, so they are very flexible, often changing jobs and easily adjusting. Apart from that, ambitious people are also sensitive to social problems.
They have a strong sense of belonging and try to adjust. They try to keep up with fashion and spend a lot of time on things that interest them. Ambitious people make friends rather easily and usually like to hang out in pubs, discotheques or fitness clubs. At home they spend time watching TV, playing games with their friends, or simply relaxing.
The have a strong desire for self-actualization and self-development. Any ambitious person likes to be recognized as being open, creative, intelligent. This fact may reflect in the way they speak, act and spend time.
Ready money people are most likely young men and women, coming from rich families. Being young, dynamic and independent, ready money lead a carefree life, often ignoring the social or family responsibilities and trying to have as much fun as possible.
They are aware of their status and do not feel the need to prove any skills or talents. They dress in an anti-conformist fashion and their actions and habits are contradictory to their parents' generation and principles. Ready money are followers of the Latin  motto "Carpe Diem!" or seize the day.
They like to live crazy lives, in clubs, restaurants, taking part in sports events, concerts, traveling or partying. Naturally, they like to splurge on luxurious indulgences and live life lavishly. Rebel as they may seem at first glance, inside they are still dependent, with a strong sense of belonging.
They are very flexible, ready to change their working place if they are offered better jobs. Job is a genuine challenge for them, and they want to make it. They are pleased to live in the rhythm of change and want to take advantage of any change.
They somehow ignore proprieties or faith, they rather rely on their own resources to succeed in life. They have a very optimistic view on their future, full of promises, they usually have no doubts about future successes.
There are also people who live outside history, generally preoccupied with things out of the immediate reality: either they repair something in the household, or they talk with their neighbors, discover how to use things in a new way, and so on. They are countrymen usually living in the countryside.
People living outside the time constraints, like to lead a quiet life or like to explore nature. They are more optimistic and satisfied than those dwelling in urban areas. Moreover, they are not tempted by professional accomplishments and leading positions. Their life philosophy is based on values such as safety, health, happiness, tranquillity.
Family is at the core of their preoccupations, they respect the institution of family. They cherish the good management of their household. They work over ten hours per day in order to ensure the welfare of the family, but they dream of a time when they won't have to work anymore.
Such people feel at home in nature. For instance, they prefer outside activities such as gardening, cleaning, working the fields, to studying and learning. Although due to the urbanization phenomenon their life standards have changed lately, and they are taking to education and learning new technology.
They have their own way of facing quick changes, which is ignoring the events occurring on a national and international scale, and focusing rather on their day-to-day life, and the realities of leading a quiet life in the countryside. Their only lasting thing is their faith in God.