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Biggest Difference Between Therapy Online and Therapy at an Office

Etherapy Apr 26, 2019
Thanks to the Internet, there are now many thousands of people who receive their therapy online and in the comfort of their own home. While online therapy represents a new frontier in terms of treatment, it has yet to replace traditional therapy methods conducted at the therapist’s office.
For those who have a choice in which type of therapy to receive, it is important to know the biggest differences so you can make the best-informed decision.

Therefore, understanding the benefits and drawbacks is vital in your quest to get the best help from the right therapist.

At the Office

The biggest advantage is that you are face-to-face with the therapist where you can interact and get not only the words, but the full nuance of the treatments which is most important.

Plus, the therapist can see your non-verbal responses by reading your body language and make the necessary adjustments.
This is an important part of the treatment because no two people are alike nor will they respond in the same manner.

By being in the room with you, the therapist can alter their approach rapidly which may lead to more effective treatment.
On the downside, you need to make an appointment to see the therapist which may cut into your work or free time.

It can be inconvenient for those who live farther away or have difficulty getting the transportation necessary to see the therapist.
This means taking time from work and spending more time commuting which may be problematic.

Plus, your privacy cannot be fully protected because someone you know may see you enter or leave the therapist’s office, even though it’s only a remote possibility.

At Home

The biggest advantage here is the convenience of being able to get the therapy you need at the time of your choosing.

You receive the therapist’s messages and can work at the time of your choosing to get the results that you need.

Plus, there is no need to travel, so you can safely take their advice in your home or through your mobile device.
Of course, you lose the power of being face-to-face with your therapist which means that the treatments may be less effective depending on the circumstances.

You also may need additional guidance from your therapist to fully understand what recommendations they have for you.
Overall, the biggest difference between online and face-to-face therapy sessions is being in the same room with your therapist.

While there is no substitute to having a therapist in the room with you, there are still advantages to being treated online that cannot be duplicated in the therapist’s office.
Most sessions with a therapist begin in their offices, but once the treatment is being administered, many will go online to receive further instruction in that manner.

You will need to discuss with your therapist the best way to undergo the treatment which works for you.