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Know the Best Treatments to Relieve Causes of Anxiety

Azmin Taraporewala Apr 20, 2019
Sweaty palms, nail biting, and cracking knuckles. Does this sound familiar? Well, bouts of anxiety affect us at every step of life. The best anxiety treatments are discussed in this piece to help you and guide you. ...
'The need of the hour is indeed, composure my friend!' - oh yes, it's very simple to utter this statement, but equally difficult to implement the same. However, is sympathy and empathy the solution to curbing your anxiety levels? Think. Think again. Well, the answer is No. 'What is the solution then?', you ask, flustered and frustrated. Don't be, calm down.
Anxiety is harmful, dangerous, deteriorative, hazardous ... well, everything that personifies destruction. Anxiety becomes an indispensable element of your personality. It proposes to have a negative impact on you as an individual, the activities you indulge in, your social well-being, your thought processes, your self-confidence and your self-esteem.
Before we embark on comprehending the treatment options available, it is vital to understand what causes anxiety and what are the symptoms of anxiety. We will then move on, to exploring the opportunities and treatments to cease anxiety.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Here is how to identify anxiety or a panic attack. These are anxiety symptoms that affect the individual in an adverse manner. Anxiety can strike you at any point of time in life. The symptom are enlisted below.
  • Worrying
  • Apprehension
  • Sweaty palms
  • Restlessness
  • Nail biting
  • Tense muscles
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Heart palpitation
  • Sweating profusely
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach problems
  • Numbness

Causes of Anxiety

To eradicate the root of anxiety from your system, it serves to be a prerequisite to understand the causes of anxiety. Once you are acquainted with the actual reason of why you feel the way you do, you could then afford to focus upon the treatments of anxiety. Anxiety has its origination, predominantly in stress.
In a metaphorical footing, stress could be personified as a monster that devours and snaffles you in the shackles of slumber, dicing and tossing with strength that destroys. Marginal, rather a considerable amount of stress, is essential to rev up your performance in a particular field, especially if you take life wee too easy.
There are some people who have a tendency to take stress. People are habituated to garner stress unnecessarily by introducing their minds to negative thoughts. The outcome for any and everything negative and ill-fated is their ideology. Negative self-talk dins into you that the worst is yet to come. Positivity, unfortunately refuses to reside in their minds.

What Is the Best Treatment for Anxiety

  • Anxiety could be curbed by administering anti-anxiety and antidepressant medication. Take Help from a medical practitioner before you decide to get-going with them.
  • Performance anxiety, also referred to as stage fright, is the fear of facing the audience. It could also be defined as the dread that holds you back from addressing a social gathering.
Performance anxiety treatment includes anti-anxiety drugs. Antidepressants are used to overcome stage fright. They have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some anti-anxiety drugs may cause nausea, dizziness, whereas some antidepressants has the potential to inflict you with stomach troubles, insomnia and dizziness.
Intake of some antidepressant may cause drowsiness, a gastrointestinal problem accompanied with severe bouts of anxiety. Beta blockers are also used to cease performance anxiety.
  • Another anxiety disorder, called social anxiety or social phobia is the fear of attending huge gatherings, a conglomeration that invites individuals to interact with each other. Antidepressants and antianxiety drugs could be administered as part of social anxiety treatment.
  • An anxiety treatment without medication may include engaging and thoroughly involving yourself in a regular and diligent exercise routine. Going for a brisk walk every morning, cycling, or swimming are some of the activities that aid you to fight panic attacks.
  • Meditation, yoga lower your stress levels. Abdominal breathing exercise is a practice that involves inhaling and exhaling oxygen slowly and letting it seep down through your nose to your abdomen.
Feel the air that is passing through your system, to your abdomen and repeat this to yourself - 
"I am calm now. I am not anxious. There is nothing on earth that can make me feel anxious. I can handle stress in the most proficient way as possible."This does help!
  • Take care of your self. With hectic, water-tight schedule at work, at home, with children and their academic progress, we often tend to neglect ourselves. Look after yourself and feel the difference.
  • Eat well, avoid erratic timings for having meals, avoid alcohol and even an occasional smoke.
  • Learn to evict negative thoughts. Encourage positive thoughts and positive outcomes are sure to follow suit. Make a conscious effort to debar a mindset that ultimately enjoys the sufferer in you.
  • Imbibe and repeat motivational statements in your mind, such as 'everything is going to be all right. Things are going off well at present, they would turn out awesome when they terminate, I am confident.'
  • Time-management - the key to cease all disasters in all spheres of your life and, of course, control anxiety and stress. If you manage your time well and avoid procrastination, situations and circumstances could get better for you and for your own good.
Hope you found solace and a feeling of relief has set in after you have read this post. However, The Best treatment is yet to come. If you haven't found any of them appealing and matching your interests, you could resort to yummy, mouth-watering chocolates that will make you feel happy. Now, that was the best anxiety treatment you might have heard so far.