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6 Best Research Topics in Psychology for College Students

Lisa Smith May 29, 2019
Coming up with a great idea for a research topic can be more challenging than actually doing the research and writing.

When you’re looking for a research topic in psychology, you shouldn’t be having too much trouble coming up with a great idea. Because  psychology is such a broad discipline that you could explore various branches of it.
Therefore, if you’re having trouble finding research paper topics for your psychology assignment, or you’re not sure how to write a psychology research paper, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at these 6 best research topics in psychology for college students to use in their papers.

1. Dreams

If you’re interested in human cognition you could choose one of the numerous cognitive psychology topics. These include notions such as memory, thinking, language, attention, perception, and other similar ones.

What might be especially interesting for you as a college student are dreams.
You could explore some of the following ideas:
  • remembering or forgetting our dreams
  • nightmares
  • blind people dreaming
  • duration of an average dream
It will be interesting for you to uncover the secrets of our dreams, and you’ll have a ton of resources to successfully conduct your research.

2. Aggression

You can find something interesting to research in the domain of social psychology, as well. Some of the best social psychology research topics include relationships, discrimination, prejudice, self-concept, aggression, etc.
It might be interesting for you to write a research paper on aggression, since it’s not something most students would choose, and it’s good to stand out from the rest.
You could try and examine:
  • What causes aggression?
  • How can we handle it?
  • What are the different forms of human aggression?

It could be quite an interesting and eye-opening psychology research paper.

3. Bullying

Bullying is an important social issue that needs to be addressed over and over again, so as to make it recognized and thus try and eliminate it from our society.

You could choose bullying to be the topic of your psychology research paper and make a significant contribution to stopping it.
You could write about:
  • The problems of bullied children
  • The problems of the bullies leading to such behavior
  • Stopping bullying
  • Recognizing it
Make sure you take this task seriously and give it your all in writing a proper research paper.

4. Eating Disorders

Psychology also deals with different disorders in human behavior, such as depression, addiction, phobias, personality disorders, etc. It also deals with eating disorders and since it’s a disorder commonly found among college students, it might be a good choice for you.
If you’re wondering how to write a psychology research paper on eating disorders, here’s a couple of guidelines you could follow:
  • most common eating disorders
  • symptoms
  • possibility of full recovery
  • treatments and therapies
You have a ton of information available online, and it could be one of the best research paper topics for you to cover.

5. Phobias

Phobias can be such a fun and mind-blowing psychology topic, and you won’t get bored covering it.

Phobias are connected to anxiety disorders and represent irrational fears of something. This means that people are afraid of various things such as spiders, open spaces, sharp object or frogs.
You could write about:
  • the most common phobias
  • psychological causes of phobias
  • overcoming a phobia
  • treatment for people with phobias
That research paper would definitely be a success.

6. Separation Anxiety Disorder

College students are mostly away from home, and some of them move to a different city. That’s why it often happens that college students experience separation anxiety disorder.
This is when a person experiences excessive anxiety because they’re separated from their hometown, family, and old friends. It could be a great choice for your research paper since you might learn something which could help your friends deal with this disorder.

Final Thoughts

There are some subjects I struggle with, and I know I can’t handle them on my own, so I pay someone to write my term paper for me. However, psychology is a never-ending source of interesting topics for your paper and you shouldn’t find it hard to choose the right one.

Hopefully, the list provided here will help you find the topic you’re looking for.